Groomingdale's Packages

Diamond in the Ruff Package:  
(Basic Bath)  Bath in one of our all natural, hydrating shampoos, rejuvenating coat conditioners, Blow Dry, Brush Out, Nails Clipped, Feet and Pads Trimmed, and Ears Cleaned.  


Face, Feet & Fanny Trim Package:  
(Basic Wellness Trim - Not a Full Body Hair Cut) Eye and Brow Trim, Feet and Pads Trimmed, Hygiene/Sanitary Area Trim.  Bath in our All Natural, hydrating shampoos, rejuvenating coat conditioners, Blow Dry. Brush Out, Nails clipped, and Ears Cleaned.  

Shaggy Shape-Up Package:  
Hand Scissored Sculpting of feathered hair along the silhouette of the dog's body. Bath in one of our all natural, hydrating shampoos, rejuvenating coat conditioners, blow dry, brush out, nails clipped, feet and pads trimmed, and ears cleaned.

Dematting, if available, is extra.

De-matting of severely matted pets is no longer offered as one of the services of Groomingdale's for the following reasons:

1. De-matting of younger pets tends to make them dislike grooming to the point that they become VERY difficult to work with, and may even become biters, requiring them to be muzzled in order for them to be groomed at all.

2. De-matting of older pets can be so mentally and physically stressful for them, that it places their health in jeopardy.

Imagine for a moment, if you can, how you would feel if you or your child's hair had not been combed for several weeks (or months) and your hair dresser had to de-matt it before cutting and washing it could be accomplished. Your pet has hair ALL over it's body, not just on it's head. If you have a long haired pet and wish to maintain the long length, there is NO alternative for keeping it combed and brushed out in between regular groomings. If you require assistance in the proper tools or proper use of the tools to accomplish this we will be happy to assist you. 
Spaw Make-Over Package:  
(Basic Full Body Haircut)  Full Body Haircut and Style, Face Trim, Feet and Pads Trimmed, Hygiene/Wellness Trim.  Bath in one of our all natural hydrating shampoos, rejuvenating coat conditioners, blow dry, brush out, nails clipped, feet and pads trimmed and ears cleaned.     

Luxury Spa Add-On Special:  
Add this special spa treat to any grooming package! Groomers will use an Upgraded Spa Shampoo of your choosing, Rejuvenating Coat Conditioners, Aromatherapy/UV Protectant Coat Spray, Nail Dremmeling, Blueberry Facial, Paw Scrub, External Anal Gland Expression, Teeth Brushing, Breath Treatment.   Package Value is $65! 
(Add $40)
Purrfect Persian Bubble Bath:  
(Basic Cat Bath) Bath in one of our cat or kitten safe shampoos, long or short coat Brush Out, Nails Clipped, Feet and Pads Trimmed, Ears Cleaned. Upgrades Available.  

Purrfect Persian Make-Over Package:  
(Basic Cat Full Haircut)  Full Body Haircut and Style. Hygiene/Wellness Trim.  Bath in one of our cat or kitten safe shampoos, Nails Clipped, Feet and Pads Trimmed, Ears Cleaned,   Upgrades Available. 

Express Finish  
This add-on guarantees your pet is finished in under 2 hours.  The actual finish time of each pet will vary based on size and service and could be less time but no more than 2 hours.  This package is a drop-off service. Clients may wait for their pet(s) in the car or nearby if they desire, however due to COVID concerns and the wellness of the other pets they may not wait inside the salon at this time. Please inquire at booking if this service is necessary for you and your pet(s).   
This add-on can greatly benefit older pets or pets with disabilities as well as timid, shy, medicated or young pets.  However, not all pets are the same and some need to take breaks in between grooming stages. Your veterinarian and your groomer can tell you what your pet can tolerate. Any pet may add the express finish to their package!
Add $25 to any package 
(If planning to add an express finish, please make an appointment and let the grooming staff know ahead of time so they can be sure to accommodate.) 
A La Carte & Add-On Services
*Regularly used shampoos: All Tropiclean Brand All Natural Shampoos including but not limited to Deodorizing Aloe, Papaya, Berry, and Kiwi Conditioner.  

*Upgraded Spa and Medicated Shampoos: Tropiclean Brand Oxymed Shampoo and Oxymed Treatment, De-Shed Shampoo, De-Shed Conditioner, Clinical Care Oatmeal infused with Tea Trea Oil, Oatmeal Conditioner, Clinical Care Anti-fungal,  Melalueca/Tea Tree Oil, Tar and Sulfur, Chlorahexiderm, De-Grease Shampoo, Spa Whitening, Spa Blondes, Spa Brunettes, Spa Black, Spa Renew, Spa Comfort, Spa Refresh,Various brands of all natural Flea and Tick shampoos.

*We encourage pets with vet prescribed shampoos , conditioners and ear cleansers to bring them for grooming and we will be glad to use them.

*Pedicure: Nails trimmed, filed and painted per owner’s request.
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These Offers do not include a la carte services

*Discounts may not be combined*


Our Products
Price estimates CANNOT be given over the phone as they differ by breed, size, coat condition, temperament and other varying factors. Please set up a free groomer consult for exact pricing. 

Our staff is always happy to provide an estimate in person. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to meeting you and your pets!        
*All pets must be current on all vaccines before grooming.  Please bring vaccine information for new clients or when vaccines are updated.
Nail Trim (included in all packages)        
Nail Dremmel                   
Ear cleaning and plucking (included in all packages)              
Teeth Cleaning     
Nail Polish    
Anal Gland Expression   
De-Shed (only available with grooming)              
Flea & Tick, Medicated or Specialty Shampoo   
Bleaching Services
Fur Flair Hair Dye  (Ears or Tail/Full Body)

Creative grooming can add color and accessories to your pets style that provide an elevated touch of glamour.  Most pets enjoy the extra attention and being "fussed over". If you feel this is something for you, call and schedule an appointment with one of our creative stylists. 
Fur Flair Extraordinaire: