Meet the Stylists

Chrystal is owner/operator of Groomingdale's.  She has been owner since 2009 and has been with Groomingdale's since 1998. Groomingdale's is Ghent's oldest salon and Chrystal strives to retain the integrity and professionalism that has kept this salon so prominent within the community. She works diligently to keep up with current style trends. Chrystal feels "Pet grooming is not a job, hobby or career. It is a passion. No one endures the pain and toll on one's body unless they truly love what they do."  She ensures every stylist in Groomingdale's salon is in love with the industry and they must be passionate as well as compassionate.  

We know your pets, but do you know all of us? Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Every stylist at Groomingdale's is trained in humane grooming, salon safety and sanitation. Groomingdale's has been very successful at hiring only the most qualified individuals. Groomingdale's has a unique Code of Ethics and every member of our team respects this code. 

It is Groomingdale's objective:
To promote a professional reputation for the pet grooming industry by striving for excellence in service 
To conduct all business in an honorable and fair manner 
To believe that long-term success is produced by adhering to ethical and moral business standards 
To achieve total client satisfaction 
To provide employees with job security and above average conditions of employment 
To ensure that the highest level of humane pet care is provided to every pet 
To encourage management and staff to successfully implement and fulfill our Code of Ethics 

Krysten is head groomer at Groomingdale's. She has been an animal care specialist for 7 years. She is well versed in Humane grooming for pets with special needs, Asian Freestyle techniques and is a sought after creative groomer. She pours her heart into her work and has a unique vision for each pet she styles. She is extremely attentive and gives each pet client a personal and pleasant experience. Krysten's talents are truly amazing and we are grateful to have her on our team. 

Briana is our newest member. She provides bathing and drying as well as superb client reception. She is happy to assist in any way with making appointments, checking in, shopping and special orders, whatever your pet's desires!
Phyllishia has 12 years of all-breed grooming experience. She specializes in felines and exotics. She gives thorough consultations and can really communicate what a pets' needs are and provide the best grooming experience.
Native and local dog lover... working one on one with dogs within the grooming industry since 2003. She believes that there is nothing more heartwarming than a clean, happy dog going back to their owner.